Piano Lessons Cambridge

Piano Lessons in and around Cambridge NZ

Are you looking for piano lessons in Cambridge?
If you’re looking for piano lessons in or around Cambridge, then I offer great lessons for you.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s just started learning or an advanced player who is interested in taking their piano skills to the next level.

One free lesson

The first lesson is free to anyone so you can try it out.
If you are interested in learning but not 100% sure or you don’t know how to begin you can get started for free. You can start for an half hour and see if my lessons are for you. You are not required to book multiple lessons or pay in advance. Just contact me and we will work out a time you can decide from there.
After the lesson, we can discuss payment and other details in person.


I can come to you! If you want me to travel to you and teach somewhere convenient. I can travel around Cambridge to your home if you have a suitable piano.
81 Watkins Road – In Cambridge, close to the high-school
337 Jary Road – Outside of Cambridge
Online lessons are also an option.

About Me

My name is GJ Thorley I have been playing and teaching for 12 years. I can also teach a variety of other instruments such as Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, and Drums.

Over the years I have taught multiple students, helping them to learn to play and enjoy the piano, and am happy to teach any student of any level and work with them to achieve their goals. Whether you are wanting to learn to play in a band or sing along with your piano.

Contact me directly here.
If you’re interested in Guitar lessons here.
Prices and more info here.